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Thu Mar 20, 2003 

This week's challenge is brought to you by the incomparable Heather Champ, of The Mirror Project, Harrumph!, and Jezebel fame. Thank you Heather!

Her challenge: "Blue".

Have fun, and be safe.
Update: I'm a goof. I'm filling in for Nick while he's busy with other issues, and I posted the challenge way early. Sorry everyone. Pray for my soul.

More about ME: I enjoy reading. I take some time once or twice a month to try new food, new restos, you get the drift? Oh and sometimes I also try to my hand on steel projects - grills, fences, etc. My tools? I research about ones that do the job and won't hurt my wallet too much. I love this site Thinking of working as a welder? Check this out

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Thu Mar 20, 2003
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