How To Participate

What You Need
1) A camera
2) A place to upload your photos, like a weblog, or a homepage somewhere.

NOTE: Photo Friday does not currently accept picture uploads.

How It Works
Check the Photo Friday website each Friday for the week's challenge - or better yet, sign up for email notices and we'll send you a reminder. We pick a Challenge theme or subject, and your job is to take pictures interpretating it. When you're done, upload your picture(s) to your site, then enter your picture link on the Photo Friday website.

If you already have the perfect image in your archive that suits the challenge, go ahead and submit your link to it, or take a new picture - it's your choice.

You can take as many pictures of the theme as you like, but when you submit your link, we really like it to be to a static page that will always show your challenge image or images for the particular challenge, and not to your website's main page. Doing this makes it easier for visitors to find your completed challenge image.

Note: To be eligible for featuring in the 'Noteworthy' section, a submitted link must be to a static individual page, and not to your website's main page.

On a weblog, they're often called the 'Permalink' or 'Individual Entry Archive' pages. They're the pages that correspond to an individual post in your weblog. Sometimes it's linked to the date of your post.


Or something like that; your site may have a different structure from this example.

Please only submit one link per week, even if you have several photos for the week's challange. If you need your link changed for whatever reason, contact us through the 'Suggest a Challenge / Contact' page.

Duplicate links to the same site, even when pointing to different images or pages, may be deleted.

We reserve the right to delete any link for any reason.
How To Participate
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